Your Health is Entrusted to Our SEVGİ

Sevgi Health Services Inc. The foundation of , in 1996 ; As a SEVGİ polyclinic, it was established by physicians to provide outpatient diagnosis and treatment services to the people of Balıkesir. It has been strengthened by the trust and favor shown by our people and has started to work as an inpatient treatment institution in order to make up for the lack of inpatient treatment service, which is a link in the treatment chain.

By investing the financial means of the founders of the physician into his profession, in 2006, a 5600m2 plot of land in the Paşaalanı neighborhood, where our current hospital is located, was provided.

In accordance with the relevant legislation, the projects were completed and the permits were obtained, and the construction started in September 2006. In the project, which was prepared by visiting and studying many A-class hospitals, related fairs; new units and units that will be needed for the future have been taken into consideration. Because Hospitals; they are social, dynamic and technological structures and are in constant renewal and change.

While the Sevgi Hospital was being built, a project was not imitated, but a completely original project was created. The officer in the executive board, Op.Dr. Refik OZBAL, Op.Dr.Ali Hikmet KARAN and Mach. Eng. Within the framework of the goals and standards set by Uğur ALTINBAĞ, one of the architects of our city, Architect Esen BALIBEK, Elk. Eng. With the technical horizons shown by Murat KARAGÖBEK, the project was put into practice. The private love hospital, whose construction was completed in December 2008 and the building use permit was obtained, was granted a hospital license by our Ministry of Health in March 2009.

During the visits to our hospital by the representatives of the Private Health sector; Private Sevgi Hospital has been emphasized as an institution that raises the bar for private hospitals in Balıkesir and its surroundings.

In April 2009, it started to provide inpatient treatment services in Balıkesir and its surroundings as a full-fledged general hospital with 49 beds and an indoor area of ​​8000m2. In the following time, it has reached a bed capacity of 96 with the new branches it has incorporated; Its 24 beds are in the form of intensive care bed, which is characterized as a special bed.

Today, around 35 physicians, more than 100 assistant health personnel and private and public social security institutions provide services.

To our hospital, which we believe fills a gap in its region; Elective and emergency patients come from neighboring provinces and receive service.

It has received: ISO 9001-2008 quality assurance certificate, being a Baby Friendly Hospital, using renewable energy and environmental awareness, organizing morale-motivation and informing organizations for both its employees and service users with its regular training programs; These are some examples of the progress towards the exemplary private health institution goals of the Private Sevgi Hospital.

Balıkesir and its surroundings; Private Sevgi Hospital, which is assertive about providing a sustainable, economic, quality and accessible private health service; It will be in an effort to continue on its way without getting satiated with innovations, with the efforts of its founders, physicians, and the support of Balıkesir residents, by adding new units to its structure and strengthening with new branches.